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Theory retreat

This year, grad students in MIT’s theory of computing group were organizing their first theory retreat. The idea is that the students go on a trip together over a a long week-end, have some fun, maybe even discuss some research, … Continue reading

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Connectomics: mapping the brain

Today was the first talk in a seminar series organized by MIT’s theory of computation group and entitled “Theory and beyond”. The talk was given by Jeff Lichtman  from Harvard, and it was absolutely excellent. So, although I was going … Continue reading

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A good year for nonlocality?

I just started reading a beautiful paper by Ben Reichardt, Falk Unger, and Umesh Vazirani that recently appeared on the arXiv, with the tongue-in-cheek title “A classical leash for a quantum system” (and the maybe less entertaining subtitle “Command of … Continue reading

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A day at the beach

Revere beach (East Boston) was, in 1895, the first “public beach” to open in the US.  Easy access by the railroad and an intense amusement park (including this — the world’s tallest roller-coaster for 40 years straight!) apparently made it … Continue reading

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