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TCS+ online seminars

You heard it here first — a new series of online seminars! For those of you who know, we got inspiration from the great Q+ seminars run by Daniel Burgarth and Matt Leifer. Without further ado, here is the announcement: … Continue reading

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QIP wrap-up

*** 13/1/29 update: From successful rump session talk to 15-page (well, ok, 7 of which are taken up by a sample factored prime number) arXiv paper in no time: see arXiv:1301.7007 for a paper version of John Smolin’s talk I … Continue reading

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QIP 2013, Day 1

So the news already broke that I was in Beijing to attend this year’s QIP…and now I’m trying to fight jet-lag by writing a half-coherent post about the first day of the conference. Let’s see if it works out. Of … Continue reading

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Where on earth?

Guess. PS1: This is modeled on a very nice series that’s been running for years now at Of course this post is easy, but just as berkeleyside did I’ll try to put some tougher ones up in the future! … Continue reading

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The least stressful job

Quite a bit of a commotion was generated in academic circles by the publication a couple days ago of a somewhat absurd piece The Least Stressful Jobs of 2013 at, written by Susan Adams. Of course with such a title … Continue reading

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