Where on earth?

Tough life.


(Bonus points for getting the precise location where the picture was taken from.)

More scientific content to come…

About Thomas

I am a professor in the department of Computing and Mathematical Sciences (CMS) at the California Institute of Technology, where I am also a member of the Institute for Quantum Information and Matter (IQIM). My research is in quantum complexity theory and cryptography.
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5 Responses to Where on earth?

  1. cosenal says:

    very easy, BIRS, Banff 🙂

    • Thomas says:

      I want the room where the picture was taken from! It’s not much harder…

      • aram says:


        • Thomas says:

          No…can’t see the Pavilion from the cafeteria! (At least not without making a sharp angle)

          Now that I look at the picture, it doesn’t give away how nice the view was, and how pleasant the viewpoint. It’s taken from a very natural place, no tricks, but I don’t know if many BIRS visitors hang out there (they don’t serve coffee or even beer there).

  2. saeid says:

    BIRS, Banff, Alberta

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