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Foundations of randomness, Day 2

Back to the fundamentals of randomness and our workshop in Stellenbosch – I want to discuss the remaining two days of talks! The second day started off with a whirlwind tour of the TCS approach to pseudo-randomness by David Zuckerman. David surveyed … Continue reading

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Nonlocal games and operator spaces: a survey

Over the past few months, together with Carlos Palazuelos I wrote a survey article on “Nonlocal Games and Operator Space Theory”, and we just uploaded it to the arXiv. The survey is an invited contribution to a special issue of … Continue reading

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Foundations of randomness, remainder of Day 1

Today I will cover the remaining talks from the first day of the workshop. Valerio’s opening talk was followed by a stimulating blackboard talk by Renato Renner, who asked the question “Is the existence of randomness an axiom of quantum … Continue reading

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The nature of randomness and fundamental physical limits of secrecy

I spent the past five weeks at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (STIAS), a research institute located in beautiful Stellenbosch, 40km North-West of Cape Town. I was participating in a program (“program” may be an ambitious term for a … Continue reading

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Hypercontractivity in quantum information theory

In this post I’d like to briefly mention some connections between log-Sobolev inequalities, and more specifically hypercontractivity, with quantum mechanics and quantum information. To anyone interested I recommend the video from Christopher King’s excellent overview talk at the BIRS workshop. … Continue reading

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Quantum PCP conjectures

Last Spring I took part in the Simons Institute’s semester on Quantum Hamiltonian Complexity. The semester was a great success, with an excellent batch of long-term participants and many fruitful interactions. The Institute asked me to write a short “Research … Continue reading

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Quantum marginals

As I mentioned in the last post, last week Mathias Christandl, Michael Walter and Andreas Winter were organizing a workshop entitled “Quantum Marginals” as part of the semester-long programme Mathematical Challenges in Quantum Information at the Newton Institute. In his introductory talk Michael emphasized that … Continue reading

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Quantum PCP: a survey

On April 19th I was on a skype call with Dorit Aharonov (yes, Skype remembers the date :-)), one of the pioneers of quantum complexity theory, and even more so of the research around the local Hamiltonian problem and the class QMA. … Continue reading

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