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flour + water + salt + time =

And there goes my last worry about the possibility of life in California…check! Would never have imagined it’d be so easy.

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Shafi & Silvio win Turing award

The news (see also here, here, here and many others already!) got out while I was up in the air, but I can’t resist bringing out my own congratulations: congratulations, then, to Shafi Goldwasser and Silvio Micali for their Turing … Continue reading

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Good morning

  More to come.

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The Berkeley theory retreat and rounding the Lasserre hierarchy

I apologize for posting being so slow these days…but my attempt at blogging is not dead (yet)! Things have been piling up, with an extended trip, a visitor, and now some urgent deadlines… I expect to get back to more … Continue reading

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Morning ride

The view from Skyline Boulevard this morning… …hard to compare! Oh, and how I missed this guy: One of the best things about living in Berkeley were the ever changing views of the bridge. The varying shades of fog, the … Continue reading

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Morning ride

Early morning, just off the minuteman… And a little later in Lincoln. It’s not obvious from the picture, but the sun is only about to show up! When are we switching to daylight wasting time, that I get my sunrise … Continue reading

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Theory retreat

This year, grad students in MIT’s theory of computing group were organizing their first theory retreat. The idea is that the students go on a trip together over a a long week-end, have some fun, maybe even discuss some research, … Continue reading

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Welcome everyone, I am not sure what this blog is going to be about. I am starting it as a repository in which I hope to keep notes about interesting talks I see, or papers I may read — a … Continue reading

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