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Theory and Beyond: Quantum Computing for Chemistry Applications

Alan Aspuru-Guzik from Harvard gave a very nice lunchtime seminar at MIT recently on using quantum computers for the simulation of chemical systems. The key point Alan made is that chemistry provides a wealth of problems that seem to provide … Continue reading

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Theory lunch: rounding the noncommutative Grothendieck inequality

For as far as I can remember every single Wednesday in Berkeley is the occasion for a “theory lunch”: the theory group gets together around a slice of world-famous pizza from the cheeseboard collective, or some other dish from one … Continue reading

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Levin and the Church-Turing thesis

FOCS 2012 had a special session today dedicated to the award of the Knuth prize to Leonid Levin, in recognition of four decades of visionary research in complexity, cryptography, and information theory. Levin was introduced by Joan Feigenbaum, who honored … Continue reading

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Connectomics: mapping the brain

Today was the first talk in a seminar series organized by MIT’s theory of computation group and entitled “Theory and beyond”. The talk was given by Jeff Lichtman  from Harvard, and it was absolutely excellent. So, although I was going … Continue reading

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