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Foundations of randomness, Day 1: Scarani

As mentioned in the previous post, a highlight of the project I participated in over the past five weeks was the three-day workshop that we organized at STIAS towards the end of October. The purpose of the workshop was to … Continue reading

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Workshop on “Quantum games and Protocols” at the Simons

** Update: videos are now up! ** This past week saw the first of three week-long workshop that will rhythm the semester on quantum Hamiltonian complexity at the Simons institute (I’ll count the boot camp was the zeroth-such workshop). Dorit Aharonov, John Watrous and … Continue reading

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TCS+ inaugural seminar

The first TCS+ seminar of the semester just took place today, and I’m happy to report that the delivery went well! The baby has all its fingers and can be seen here.  The parents are still recovering from their emotions … Continue reading

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Connectomics: mapping the brain

Today was the first talk in a seminar series organized by MIT’s theory of computation group and entitled “Theory and beyond”. The talk was given by Jeff Lichtman  from Harvard, and it was absolutely excellent. So, although I was going … Continue reading

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